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Eliza VanCort: Diversity Crew Partner Releases First Book

For too long, women have been told to confine themselves–physically, socially, and emotionally. Eliza VanCort says now is the time for women to stand tall, raise their voices, and claim their space. 

Eliza is a Cook House Fellow at Cornell University, an advisory board member of the Performing Arts for Social Change, and was recently named a member of Govern for America’s League of Innovators. Creator of a highly regarded talk on anti-racist communication commissioned by MIT. Eliza gives talks and runs workshops both nationally and internationally on women, anti-racist, and global communication.

Purchase Eliza’s Book A Woman’s Guide to Claiming Space: Stand Tall, Raise Your Voice, Be Heard” on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookshop or from Berrett-Kohler

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