Diversity Crew in the News about ROI of DEI in Rochester Minnesota

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Event Free to the Public in Rochester, Minnesota and Scholarship Giveaway for One (DEI) Certification

July 23rd, 2021 9 AM – 3 PM CDT

Diversity Crew will be conducting it’s first in-person ROI of DEI event, sponsored by Collider, on Friday, July 23rd in Rochester, Minnesota. This one-day event will take place at The Castle in downtown Rochester, bringing in some of the most in-demand diversity, equity and inclusion speakers and executives from across the country.  Registration is Free. 

The presenters will share real actions you can take to increase equity in race, gender, ethnicity, accessibility, lgbtq+, health and more. They will demonstrate how to treat humans better, and produce a real (ROI) Return on investment in (DEI) diversity, equity and inclusion.

The event will also highlight local and national diverse artistic performers including spoken word artist Seth Butler from Ohio, Kirthi Manivannan from the Minnesota Ragamala Dance School, and performers from the Jang-mi Rochester Korean drum school. 

At the conclusion of the event, Diversity Crew CEO, Eve Mayer, will be awarding a scholarship for one DEI certification from Diversity Crew Institute to an attendee. The scholarship is valued at $1,999. (See the sweepstakes rules for more details).

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Scheduled speakers include:

  • Herschel Herndon, VP and Chief Diversity Officer – Thrivent
  • Timi Lindsay, Chief Diversity Officer – United States Naval Academy
  • Sally Saba, MD, MBA – Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer; Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity – Medtronic
  • Anjali Bhagra MD, FACP – Medical Director, Office of Equity, Inclusion and Diversity, Professor of Medicine – Mayo Clinic
  • Kellie Goodson – Partner – Diversity Crew
  • Anton Gunn – Partner – Diversity Crew
  • David Gifford-Robinson – Partner – Diversity Crew

Hosts for the Event:

  • Eve Mayer, CEO – Diversity Crew
  • Chris Moreland, Partner – Diversity Crew

Sponsors Include: 

About Diversity Crew:

Diversity Crew is a consortium of equal partners focusing on diversity and inclusion. Our role at Diversity Crew is to create equity for an incredible tapestry of humans. We create strategies and oversee actions that lead to more satisfied team members, and customers who believe in your vision. Diversity Crew offers a 15% discount to women- or minority-owned organizations, and nonprofits. Learn more at

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ROI of DEI Rochester presented by Diversity Crew.

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