Diversity Crew Expands Organization to 50; Marking Exceptional First-Year Performance

With a burgeoning list of clients, Diversity Crew has ramped up its efforts in 2022 to remain at the forefront of diversity, equity and inclusion consulting.

Exceptional performance and explosive growth during the first 20 months of business have necessitated additional partners, promotions from within, and additional staff. This expansion is essential to best serve a growing list of reputable and caring clients.

“Seeing my dream of the brightest minds joining up to address race, gender, religious diversity, ethnic diversity, LGBTQ+, mental wellness and accessibility is a moment I can’t describe adequately. When we replace the judgment of humans with curiosity and appreciation, kindness, productivity, and profitability win.”

– Eve Mayer, CEO

The development of the organization will provide Diversity Crew with the resources necessary to deliver highly successful results to even more clients, while strengthening relationships with the current roster of organizations that have chosen to make diversity, equity, and inclusion a key part of their success.

Check out the press release on NewWire. For more information about Diversity Crew, and how we can help your organization on it’s DEI journey, contact us at

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