Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender Day of Visibility (TVoD) is an international event on March 31 dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments of the transgender community. On this day, my community celebrates trans people, raises awareness about the struggles that we face, and advocates for equal rights in a bid to educate and change society’s perceptions.

Mckinsey provides research to better understand the uniqueness of the current transgender lived experience, and shed light on a sparse but growing body of analysis about my community.  The research provides insights into transgender people at work.  

Given the more than 2.0 million transgender people in the United States, and the 1.2 million people who identify as nonbinary, employers cannot continue to ignore a significant population that experiences systemic barriers to employment, work performance, and career progression. 

McKinsey findings include the following:

  • Transgender adults are twice as likely as cisgender adults to be unemployed.
  • Cisgender employees make 32 percent more money a year than transgender employees, even when the latter have similar or higher education levels.
  • More than half of transgender employees say they are not comfortable being out at work. Two-thirds remain in the closet in professional interactions outside their own companies.
  • People who identify as transgender feel far less supported in the workplace than their cisgender colleagues do. They report that it’s more difficult to understand workplace culture and benefits, and harder to get promoted. They also feel less supported by their managers.
  • Greater transgender inclusion in the workforce would benefit everyone. A concerted effort to increase employment and wage equity for transgender people could boost annual consumer spending by $12 billion a year.

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As a transgender person, I challenge you to learn more about people like myself and our lived experience.  Be open to educating yourself on gender inclusive language and why pronouns matter to trans and nonbinary people.  The world is progressing.  1 in 5, 21 percent, of Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ according to Gallup. How will this affect your marketing efforts and ultimately your bottom line going forward? 

With two decades of training businesses on the power of social media marketing, Shell Roth now works with companies on creating inclusive policies and practices, and promoting understanding relating to gender nonbinary folks while building welcoming environments for all. If you want to book Shell to speak at your next event, contact us today at

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