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Being an Ally for Autism

Autism awareness is the key to building an inclusive society.

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, we wanted to share 5 actionable ways you can advocate as an ally to the Autistic Community and in turn, increase awareness and foster inclusion.

  1. Show Acceptance
    • Show acceptance by being present and welcoming to Autistic people and their families. Ask about any specific needs they may have or how to best communicate.
  2. Respect Identity First Language
    • The majority of autistic people prefer to be referred to just like that – autistic people- “I do not ‘have’ Autism, I am Autistic”.
  3. Amplify Autistic Voices
    • Being an ally means holding the megaphone for others to be heard and standing up for issues with and alongside an autistic person.
  4. Don’t use Functional Language
    • Don’t use language like “high functioning,” “low functioning,” “mild,” “severe,” etc. Disregarding these labels helps you to avoid harmful stereotypes.
  5. Raise Self-Awareness
    • Learn about autistic people’s experiences via articles, blogs, and vlogs, created by autistic people sharing their stories. Learn from them, and echo them.

How are you an ally for the autistic community? How can we as a community be a better ally?

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