Mental Health and Crisis Events

The pandemic and national/global current events have changed the conversation around mental health at work.

According to Mental Health America, violence—including gun violence—and fear of violence causes both trauma and ‘toxic stress,’ which is a contributing factor to the development of some mental health conditions.

As the mental health awareness month of May concludes organizations must continue to develop sustainable, impactful, and mental wellness health initiatives to best serve their workforce.

How are you helping your employees navigate through recent crises and focusing on their mental health? Or as an employee, what support are you looking for from your employer?

Here is a resource from Mind Share on what some other companies are doing. Other resources include SAMHSA, National Center for PTSD, National Council for Behavioral Health and the American Psychological Association.

If you’re looking for more information or how to get the conversation started with your organization, contact us at today.

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