5 Crowning Achievements of Opal Lee

Juneteenth is around the corner, and as we get ready to celebrate this now federal holiday, it is important to celebrate Opal Lee as well.

Opal (known as the Grandmother of Juneteenth) and her achievements led to Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday. That, however, isn’t her only achievement; far from it.

Take a look at these other 5 Crowning Achievements of Opal Lee.

  • Described as the “Grandmother of Juneteenth”, Opal Lee is an American retired teacher, counselor, and activist in the movement to make Juneteenth a federally-recognized holiday.

  • She was one of the founding members of Citizens Concerned with Human Dignity (CCHD) formed to assist the economically disadvantaged in finding housing in Fort Worth. She now serves on Habitat’s Land Acquisition Board.

  • With Lenora Rolla as its inspiration, Ms. Lee helped establish the Tarrant County Black Historical & Genealogical Society dedicated to the preservation of the history of the Fort Worth Black populace.

  • Ms. Lee authored an easy to read children’s book to explain the importance of Juneteenth and its origin- Juneteenth: A Children’s Story.

  • Ms. Lee was named the 2021 “Texan of the Year” by The Dallas Morning News for her activism on behalf of Black Texans.

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