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What Does the Juneteenth Flag Symbolize?

Did you know that the Juneteenth flag uses the exact same colors as the United States flag: red, white, and blue.

This was intentional and meant to show that the formerly enslaved and their descendants are free Americans, too.

The Juneteenth flag is full of symbols, which was the vision of activist Ben Haith, founder of the National Juneteenth Celebration Foundation (NJCF). Haith created the flag in 1997 with the help of collaborators, and Boston-based illustrator Lisa Jeanne Graf.

Take a look at a few more facts about the Juneteenth flag and the symbolism included.

• The Arc: A new horizon, meaning fresh opportunities and promising futures for Black Americans.

• The Star: Not only is it a nod to the Lone Star State (where Juneteenth was first celebrated in 1865), but it also stands for the freedom of every Black American in all 50 states.

• The Burst: The outline surrounding the star is meant to reflect a nova— or new star—which represents a new beginning for all.

• The Colors: The red, white and blue represents the American flag, a reminder that slaves and their descendants were and are Americans.

You can also download the PDF with Juneteenth flag facts to share with your organization.

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