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LGBTQIA+ Discrimination in the Workplace

Unsupportive work cultures push LGBTQIA+ employees to leave organizations. The data tells us that this community experiences discrimination at disappropriate rates. Check out the stats below.

  • Almost half (45.5%) of LGBT workers have experienced, at some point in their careers, some form of unfair treatment at work, including: harassment, being fired, or facing hiring discrimination based on their LGBT status.
  • Around one-third of LGBT employees report leaving a job (34.2%) or looking for other jobs (33.9%) because the work environment did not accept LGBT people.
  • 67.5% of LGBT employees have heard slurs, jokes, or negative comments about LGBT people in the workplace.
  • 23.7% of LGBT Americans have experienced discriminations based on sexual orientation or gender identity when applying for jobs.
  • Additionally, transgender workers are subject to different types of harassment than LGB workers. This includes bathroom accessibility, being deliberately referred to by incorrect pronouns, which can lead to employee disengagement and avoidance.

LGBTQIA+ employees are a vital component of a comprehensive diverse and inclusive culture. Successfully recruiting, retaining, developing, and advancing LGBTQIA+ employees may help organizations compete effectively for talent, minimize attrition costs, enhance employee inclusion and engagement, and better access LGBTQIA+ consumer markets.

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Source: Workplaces That Work For Women

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