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Happy Two Year Anniversary

Dear Friends,

Two years ago today, Diversity Crew was born with a simple yet powerful goal – Treat People Better!

Over the past 48 months, our team of 50 people has done just that, serving 30 clients on over 65 projects.

To make sure that quality DEI resources are accessible to all types of organizations, we are proud to offer discounted projects to the one-third of our clients who are non-profits, woman owned, or minority owned businesses. This has allowed us to serve clients ranging in size from eight to 50,000 people.

The work of the last two years has been amazingly fulfilling for our team. We have provided DEI education, qualitative and quantitative assessment, and strategic roadmaps to help our clients move toward more inclusive and more productive cultures.

Because DEI education is so critical to treating people better, we have made a strong commitment to providing high quality resources free of charge. This has taken the form of 3 virtual and 2 in-person events featuring some of the leading practitioners in the industry.

Thank you for allowing us into your businesses, your nonprofits and your schools to be a part of your journey of more curiosity about your fellow humans.

Thank you for making Diversity Crew such a success. Now it’s time for more kindness, more understanding, more acceptance and more psychological safety. We are honored to be a part of all of it.

Eve Mayer

CEO, Diversity Crew


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