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DEI Speaker Series

Many organizations are looking to prioritize the value and education of their Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Townhalls and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training. Companies want to provide DEI training across a multitude of topics across different segments of their organization. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to decide what DEI topic will add the most value, and at what cost, to which department, and what will the group take away?

Speaker Series with Diversity Crew is an easier way to pick a broader DEI topic that dives into deeper subcategories so that your organization can receive valuable content, from talented practitioners with lived experiences. Each series offers a clear understanding of who the speaker is and their background, what each subcategory is covered and objectives your team will learn during the speaking event.

Why book a Speaker Series?

  • Nail down speakers for your ERGs in advance so teams can internally market and promote the event leading to more engagement and value.
  • Provide a forecast of your DEI budget across multiple events.
  • Choose a topic that dives a bit deeper than surface level as to offer a more valuable experience than one comprehensive topic.
  • Provide speakers for multiple ERG groups at one time with one cost.
  • Get ahead of the curve and book your speakers during specific months that correlate with already scheduled townhalls or holiday/historic calendar events.

Our first Speaker Series is Racial Equity. We will be adding more series including, Accessibility and Disability Inclusion, Black History, Mental Health, and LGBTQIA+. Each series will have multiple subcategories that offer education that can help your organization start to pivot to a more inclusive environment.

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