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Where Are You On Your DEI Journey?

In our DEI work, we often use travel metaphors – journey, milestone, mapping – because a quick fix does not exist in DEI. Organizations that take on this work after identifying gaps in their culture, demographic makeup, or equitable opportunities should be prepared to embark on a continuous journey in order to make lasting changes.

Often complicating the matter are the multitude of challenges organizations have to solve in order to build an inclusive environment where diverse talent can thrive. While DEI is sometimes seen as a separate entity, it permeates every aspect of organizations and requires the attention and efforts of all stakeholders.

DEI work is complex, emotional, and yet absolutely necessary. We recognize no two DEI journeys are the same, but the destination is the same – treat people better. Navigating this complex road begins with understanding where you are in DEI space. Diversity Crew has put together a short quiz to help you start putting coordinates on your DEI map.

The quiz is completely anonymous and should only take about 5 minutes of your time.

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