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Racial Equity Speaker Series: An Exploration of Equity & Black Americans

The scale of the issues facing Black US workers is massive, and the roots of the problem are deep.

In order to address these issues, Diversity Crew is committed to providing a context of Black History as well as opportunities for companies to create a culture of change and boldness to do something impactful and different than ever before.

We’ve created a speaker series, dedicated to Black History and Racial Equity that can help educate your organization year round. Speaking events can be provided during monthly DEI events including Black History Month, MLK Jr. Day, Women’s Heritage Month, Juneteenth, Black Business Month, etc. Or, you can choose dates that work with your ERGs and/or townhalls.

In this six-part speaker series, our Diversity Crew Partner, Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew will do a deep dive into Black Racial Equity categories including:

  1. The Importance of Black History in Your Company.
  2. Women in the Workplace.
  3. Creating Safe Spaces for Black Workers.
  4. Juneteenth and Black History.
  5. Building Partnerships in the Black Community.
  6. Dealing with Racial Trauma in the Workplace.

Take a look at what each event will cover and what your team will walk away with.

Why Book a Speaker Series?

  • Nail down speakers for your ERGs in advance so teams can internally market and promote the event leading to more engagement and value.
  • Provide a forecast of your DEI budget across multiple events.
  • Choose a topic that dives a bit deeper than surface level as to offer a more valuable experience than one comprehensive topic.
  • Provide speakers for multiple ERG groups at one time with one cost.
  • Get ahead of the curve and book your speakers during specific months that correlate with already scheduled townhalls or holiday/historic calendar events.
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