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Inclusion Speaker Series: Accessibility and Disability Inclusion

Accessibility and disability inclusion are topics many organizations don’t include as part of their DEI strategy. However, to be truly inclusive, these populations must be included.

We’ve created a speaker series, dedicated to Accessibility and Disability Inclusion that can help educate your organization create a more inclusive and psychologically safe environment. This series includes topics from the basics of ADA compliance, understanding inclusive language, how to make accommodations, and how to make sure your website is accessible and compliant.

In this four-part speaker series, our Diversity Crew Partner, Montreece Hardy, and Diversity Crew Speaker, Betsy Furler, will cover the following topics:

  1. Sensitivity Training for Disability Inclusion in the Workplace
  2. Website Basics for a More Accessible User Experience
  3. Dispelling Five Myths of Disability in the Workplace
  4. Making Accommodations Make Sense

Take a look at what each event will cover and what your team will walk away with.


Why Book a Speaker Series?

  • Nail down speakers for your ERGs in advance so teams can internally market and promote the event leading to more engagement and value.
  • Provide a forecast of your DEI budget across multiple events.
  • Choose a topic that dives a bit deeper than surface level as to offer a more valuable experience than one comprehensive topic.
  • Provide speakers for multiple ERG groups at one time with one cost.
  • Get ahead of the curve and book your speakers during specific months that correlate with already scheduled townhalls or holiday/historic calendar events.
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