Case Studies

Creating a Roadmap for a Client’s DEI Journey

Organizations invest significant time and resources into DEI initiatives. However, without a clear understanding of factors shaping organizational culture and the headwinds faced by its underrepresented members it is easy to lose momentum in DEI or focus on efforts that won’t have the desired impact.

In our latest case study, we share how we helped our client (a diverse, global network of empowered professionals) evaluate the current state, discover the opportunities in DEI space, and outline clear, actionable steps to help transform the organization into an inclusive and welcoming society for a wide array of members all over the world.

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To Solve For Diversity, Focus on Inclusion

The business case for diversity is overwhelming. For example, one Gartner study predicts that gender-diverse teams will outperform their less inclusive counterparts by 50%. Diversity alone, however, is just one piece of a puzzle.

In this paper, we discuss how our prominent Ivy League client’s main objective, recruiting and retaining diverse candidates, led to a discovery of a larger inclusive culture problem. Diversity Crew experts helped formulate a solution for building an inclusive environment where diverse talent can thrive.

Download the PDF to read the entire case study for free.