Welcome to your DCI Certification

Welcome to Diversity Crew Institute DEI Certification program! We are thrilled to have you as part of this group of people who have chosen an ongoing education in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If you’ve found your way to this page it means you’ve received your Welcome email from us and are ready to get started on your DEI journey! Check out this short video that demonstrates how to access your account and the Certification materials.

Getting started

To jump right into the certification courses you can visit the Course Overview Page. If you are not currently logged in, you will be prompted to enter your email and password.

Once you are viewing the Course Overview Page, you can begin any of the individual modules by clicking the name of the module. After you’ve finished the course, you can click on the quiz to complete that module.

We strongly encourage you to bookmark the Course Overview Page to make it easy to return to your certification.

Exclusive LinkedIn Group

In addition to the course materials, membership in the certification program also grants you access to our exclusive LinkedIn Group where you can participate in discussions with other program participants and Diversity Crew instructors and partners. Our Partners are current or former CDOs (Chief Diversity Officers) and practitioners from B2B, academia, corporations, and organizations of all sizes. In this group, you can safely ask for advice, network with others, and discuss topics you would like to know more about and share your knowledge.

Because this is a closed group on LinkedIn you will need to request access. Your request will be approved within two business days.

How Do I get My Certification?

Once you’ve completed all 20 courses and completed the quizzes, you will earn your DEI Certification! The certification will be emailed directly to you. We encourage you to put this certification on your LinkedIn profile under the certification section so you can show your followers and colleagues you are DEI certified!

Continuing Education

We know that DEI is a constantly evolving landscape and that is why you will also have access to 6 Continuing Education Courses throughout the year. These are offered as webinars which you will be able to register for. If you can’t attend the live webinars, all past Courses can be viewed on our Continuing Education Page. Your membership in the certification program does not expire, so you don’t have to pay a premium each year to stay certified.

Updating your password

If you need to change your password or have forgotten it, you can visit the Password Reset Page. Here you can enter your email address and you will receive an email within a few minutes containing a link to allow you to choose a new password.

Questions, comments, feedback?

We are here to support you and always welcome feedback on the learning experience and the materials we present. If you have any support needs, questions, or feedback for our team you can email them to support@DiversityCrew.com. We look forward to hearing from you.