Legal Strategies – ABCs for MBEs

Legal Strategies – ABCs for MBEs
Instructor: Carlos White
Video Runtime: 26:29
Cost: $99

To ensure long-term viability minority business enterprises (MBEs) must be able to scale their businesses. So, why haven’t MBEs been able to scale like they should? Of course, from a macro-level, the main reasons for MBE’s inability to scale can be attributed to historical and structural discrimination as it relates to accessing capital and business networks. The inability for MBEs to scale can largely be attributed to not having a competent corporate lawyer that can help MBEs (1) identify the right team of 3rd party professionals to work with and (2) employ tactical strategies under the law to help MBEs sustain and grow.

This course will help you to understand the value of strong corporate legal representation and help you ask the right questions when forming and growing your business.

Fully captioned videos with Universal Design, course transcripts and a downloadable presentation are available. You will also receive a printable certificate of completion and access to all course materials for a period of 12 months.

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