DEI Assessment (v2)

Does my organization need a DEI Assessment?

Multiple studies support the “business case” for diversity – inclusive organizations are significantly more likely to be high-performing. There is a positive correlation between diversity of leadership and revenue. Organizations understand the need for DEI measurement but struggle getting started.

A DEI Assessment is the critical, first step to long-term success, as it helps identify opportunities to deepen DEI commitment. This can guide decisions around strategic resourcing and action planning. A DEI Assessment establishes a baseline from which to celebrate what is working well and to measure progress along your DEI journey.

Diversity Crew provides a range of assessment solutions and methods to meet your needs. We work with you every step of the way to customize the assessment solution to your organization and ensure that the findings support your DEI objectives.

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Defenitions and descriptions for each service within the assessment packages.

Document and Online Presence Audit
A comprehensive review of your organization’s HR documents and online presence in order to help determine how they are working to achieve desired goals.

Qualitative Research
Consists of individual Listening Sessions and/or Focus Groups. These methods reveal motivations, emotions, and personal patterns that can help establish the right metrics to measure in subsequent quantitative research.

Quantitative Research
A survey that is designed, deployed, and analyzed by our experts. The survey seeks to measure the “soft: metrics such as belonging, having a voice, strategic alignment, etc. and quantify the impact of the organizational culture on employee satisfaction and retention.

Gap Analysis of Data and Overall Assessment Findings Report
Final report out of overall findings from Assessment and Qualitative research.

Data Analysis Development and Presentation
Our team of experts will review the results of the assessment and analyze them by agreed-upon groups of interest. The assessment report will contain actionable recommendations based on the the research findings.

Customized DEI Strategic Action Plan
Diversity Crew will synthesize the learnings from the assessment and will create a 3 year DEI roadmap, which includes goals, objectives, actionable recommendations to reach the objectives, measures of success, timeline, and responsible party. Strategic plan includes a customized DEI dashboard to help organizations track their DEI efforts and progress.

DEI Leadership Implementation Workshop
A two part workshop for key stakeholders responsible for creating and executing the DEI strategic plan. These sessions are created and guided so stakeholders can lean in and grapple with the complexity of the change that DEI represents in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Leadership Competencies Assessment
DEI Leadership Self-Assessment is an online tool designed to offer insight into leadership styles and help identify strengths and opportunities for growth specifically in the DEI space.

Post-Certification Reflection Session
Our team will host a virtual 90-minute session with the employees who have completed the DCI Certifications. The goal is to talk about the ‘ah-ha’ moments employees had while taking the courses, expand on any difficult conversations or subjects that might need more exploration and discuss how those who have completed the certification can start taking actionable steps within your organization and their communities.

DEI 18 Month Implementation Support (Includes DEI Toolbox)

  • Can include DEI guidance related to:
    • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
    • Micro-Learnings
    • Supplier Diversity Evaluations
    • Marketing
  • Execution Support Related to:
    • Budgeting
    • Org chart
    • Education and capacity building
    • Strategy plan review
    • Communications
    • Coaching task owners
    • Overcoming inhibitors
    • Tracking progress