LGBTQ+: What’s in a name?

LGBTQ+: What’s in a name?
Instructor: David Gifford-Robinson
Video Runtime: 23:07
Cost: $99

Course Preview:

This session’s about SEX! Did we grab your attention? Have you ever been scared to engage in a conversation regarding LGBTQ+ issues for fear of sounding ignorant or (gasp!) saying the wrong thing? Then this is the course for you. In his approachable and authentic style, David will cover the basics when it comes to sex vs. gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. You’ll learn about terms like non-binary and gender non-conforming, cisgender and pansexual, and the importance of allies. Whether you hope to be a better parent, a better contributor to your community, or your business, join David and learn how to be an empathetic and knowledgeable LGBTQ+ advocate.