Every company and individual is on a journey with diversity, equity and inclusion. No one is at a 0 and no one is at a 10 but the Diversity Journey Spectrum enables us to identify where we feel we are on that journey so we can identify ways to move forward.


The set of characteristics that each of us use to describe who we are to others. Diversity is an adjective that consists of terms that are obvious–and other times not so obvious–descriptions. Diversity is dynamic. How we describe ourselves can evolve based on our knowledge, understanding, and change in association with specific terms over time.


The set of actions that are used to adequately solve for another person’s inequity in life. Equity is a verb that requires actions to intentionally create equality.


The set of actions that individuals take to make others feel welcome. Inclusion is a verb that describes how we delay judgment and subjectivity based on our connection with other individuals. Inclusion is required for another person to be fully Diverse.

Psychological Safety (PS)

The atmosphere that is created that allows others to fully show up being their authentic selves. Psychological Safety is an intentional act to create a sense of belonging regardless of another’s diversity. Psychological Safety is a culture and an environment that is created that allows for valuing another’s diversity.