We’ve compiled a list of DEI books in our resource library. These books, written by Diversity Crew Partners and Speakers, can help provide you with a deeper knowledge and understanding on an array of DEI topics including LGBTQ+, Racial Equity, Religious Diversity, Health Equity and more. Additionally, we’ve included a gallery of books from other amazing authors as an extra resource to help you navigate tough conversations, and dive into real life stories and experiences about numerous topics across the DEI spectrum.

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The books below are written by Diversity Crew Partners and Speakers and published by Diversity Crew Press.

Blind Attraction to Certainty

by Chris Moreland

Get ready to get comfortable with discomfort. Discomfort is the backbone of an effective diversity program, and Blind Attraction to Certainty will show you how to successfully implement DEI in your workplace. You and your company will never experience your full potential if you remain forever in your comfort zone. Blind Attraction to Certainty is about improving leadership through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how thoughtful integration of these concepts will make your organization run more smoothly while increasing corporate profitability. Diversity Crew’s managing partner Chris Moreland shows you how to make smart, sustainable, DEI-driven change in the workplace.

Chris’ book is now available on Amazon.

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