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Post Pandemic Renaissance

April 21st, 2021 9 AM – 3 PM Central

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Karamu House is America’s oldest Black producing theater and will be providing four virtual performances from incredible Artists during this event.
Learn more about the amazing history and artistic impact of Karamu House at their website.

Since 1921, AFB has been a leader in expanding possibilities for the nearly 25 million Americans living with vision loss. They are committed to creating a more equitable world for people with disabilities. AFB will be providing two virtual performances from incredible Artists during this event.

Learn more about the incredible work going on at the American Foundation for the Blind website

Event Details

When: April 21st, 2021 9AM – 3PM Central Time

Where: Zoom Webinar

Cost: Free (registration is limited)


All times are Central Time Zone

  • 900aEve Mayer, Diversity Crew CEO
  • 910aShell Roth, M.Ed., Diversity Crew Partner Gender Inclusive Language and Bringing Your Full Self to Work
  • 920a Monica Davy, SVP & Chief Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer – Vizient
  • 935a Kellie Goodson, Diversity Crew Partner The Art and Science of Medicine
  • 945aTony Sias, President & CEO – Karamu House “Re-imagining legacy institutions during and post pandemic. Figuring out how to remain relevant AND stay true to your core principles, mission and vision
  • 950a Artist Performance from Karamu House – George Floyd’s Mama
  • 1000a – Ronald Steptoe, CEO & Co-Founder – Warrior Centric Health “Understanding the urgent need for building resiliency into the healthcare sector as a post-pandemic mandate”
  • 1010a Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew, Diversity Crew Partner Creating Space
  • 1020a – EJ Blanchfield, Chief Operations Officer – Point B “Listen First Then Plan”
  • 1035aKristin Durney, Diversity Crew Partner Resilience is the Nucleus of all Mindset Traits
  • 1040aNeil Edwards, Purpose and Inclusion Leader
  • 1050a – Artist Performance from American Foundation for the BlindWhat I See I Feel
  • 1100aLisa Gutierrez, VP and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer – Indiana University Health
  • 1120aDr. Thela’ Thatch, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Manager – Paychex “How to Really Listen”
  • 1135aDr. Jill Carroll, Diversity Crew Partner
    Addressing Religious Diversity – Post Pandemic
  • 1140aDr. Dionne Poulton, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer – Care New England Health System
  • 1150a – Artists Performance from Karamu House “Lamban – Praise (West African Dance)
  • 1200pKris Nurse, Diversity Crew Partner Resilience- You’re Not Born With It, You Build it
  • 1215pDr. Karl Reid, Senior Vice Provost and Chief Inclusion Officer – Northeastern University “A systems approach to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts”
  • 1230pMichelle Witman, Diversity Crew Partner
    Providing a Soft Landing for Disability Disclosure
  • 1240pGrant Doster, American Foundation for the Blind
  • 1250p – Artist Performance from American Foundation for the BlindWhat a Wonderful World
  • 110pAnton Gunn, Diversity Crew Partner Health Equity in the Post Pandemic World
  • 120pDerrick Miles, CEO and Founder – CourMed “Embracing diversity at the startup phase sets the tone for corporate growth”
  • 135pStacey Givens, Diversity Crew Partner
    Embrace the Gig Economy to Drive Talent Development
  • 140pTony Bridwell, SVP & Chief People Officer – Ryan “Using hope as a strategy: Learn how you can lead your team through confusion and anxiety to psychological safety, while motivating their goals, personally, professionally and organizationally”
  • 150p Artist Performance from Karamu HouseMamie Till Interview
  • 200pErnest Adams, Head of Global Talent, RL People and Development – Ralph Lauren
  • 220pDinaz Jiwani, Diversity Crew Partner
    Awareness on Ramadan
  • 235pArtist Performance from Karamu HouseWhat’s Going On?
  • 245pEve Mayer awards a DEI Certification scholarship from Diversity Crew Institute. Scholarship valued at $1,999. (See complete rules)

The workplace is getting geared up for a rebirth…

…and there are challenges.

Many of us are wondering things we aren’t sure how to ask like:

  • Should I discuss race in the workplace?
  • Are team members experiencing financial or emotional loss from the pandemic that might affect their ability to focus?
  • When and how do we create culture and engagement since all of or part of our workforce is now remote?
  • Is active listening the most important skill currently needed for a leader?

We have gathered some of the brightest Chief Diversity Officers and DEI strategists to tackle these issues and more. We will interview and host discussions on race, health equity, psychological safety, gender equity, LGBTQ+, religion, ageism, and accessibility.

At the end of ROI of DEI – Post Pandemic Renaissance, you will walk away with steps you can take, not just ideas.

Also at the end of the event Eve Mayer will be awarding a scholarship for one DEI Certification program from Diversity Crew Institute to someone attending the event. The scholarship is valued at $1,999. (See the sweepstakes rules for more details)

We hope you will join us for the whole event or just a few sessions.

Diversity Crew is excited to put on this free event. We hope you will share our event with someone it might help and we look forward to seeing you there on April 21st!


Executive Interviews


About ROI of DEI

ROI of DEI is an event series presented by Diversity Crew bringing together some of the brightest minds in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Registration to the events is free. Join us to hear from executives, DEI practitioners, business owners, and community leaders with insights and advice that will help you move your organizations forward on it’s DEI journey, treat humans better, and produce a real ROI for your investment in DEI.

Previous Events

Thank you to everyone who attended!

What a day! Thank you to everyone who joined us live on January 21st for a fantastic day of learning and insight.

2020 Was Challenging

In 2020 business of all sizes and in all industries faced challenges like never before. Whether it was a shift to remote work or addressing workplace culture issues everyone has had to tackle unexpected issues and businesses are looking for ways to make the new year better.

Featured Speakers



Make 2021 Better

2021 is the year that many organizations will invest heavily in diversity, equity, and inclusion. And leaders are asking bold questions about what the return on investment will be.

  • Time: Jan 21st, 2021 from 9am-315pm CST (Chicago)
  • Location: Hosted on the Zoom Webinar Platform
  • Registration: Registration is free, but required in order to attend the event. You can register at the Webinar Event Page. Space is limited so register today!
  • Content: Hear practical advice from industry experts on how you can improve employee recruiting and retention and building a better workplace culture.

We would like to invite each of you to this virtual, free, day-long event featuring tips from some of the best minds in equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Attending the event will provide you with insights you can implement immediately to affect real improvements in equity in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, lgbtq+, religion, age, disability, and accessibility.

Registration is free of charge. Join us for the whole day, or just a few sessions. Diversity Crew is excited to present the ROI of DEI and we look forward to seeing you there!

We will discuss a wide variety of issues including but not limited to:

  • How and why to talk about race at work
  • Psychological safety in the workplace
  • Building culture in a remote workplace
  • How and why to add pronouns to your email signature
  • Expanding recruiting efforts to increase equity
  • Why listening is the most important leadership skill

You’ll hear directly from CEO’s, Chief Diversity Officers, and DEI strategists who will each share one thing your organization could do to treat people better in 2021.

Speaker Schedule

All Times are CST (Chicago)

  • Hosted by Chris Moreland and Eve Mayer of Diversity Crew
  • 9:00a – Intro
  • 9:10a – Jared Fitzpatrick – SVP, DEI, Dallas Regional Chamber
  • Driving ROI Through Board Diversity
  • 9:30aDr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Benefits of Building Internal and Collective Social Capital
  • 9:40a – Chevalier Cleaves – CDO, MIT, Lincoln Lab
  • Creating Organizational Success with Diversity and Inclusion…what has worked for me
  • 10:00aJesse Crawford – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Are Your Suppliers Diverse Enough?
  • 10:10a – Matamba Austin –  Principal, Deals Advisory Partner, PwC
  • 10:30aDr. Jill Carroll – Diversity Crew, Partner
  • Religious Diversity in the Workplace
  • 10:40a – Sheri Crosby Wheeler – VP, Diversity & Inclusion, Fossil
    The Importance of Getting Everyone on the Diversity Train
  • 11:00aMichelle Courtney Berry, MPS, Diversity Crew, Partner
    Mindfulness Coaching in the DEI Space
  • 11:10a – Sumita Shetty – Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Goodyear
    A Mindset shift to Reflective Leadership
  • 11:30aKristin Durney – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Creating Best in Class Mental Health Workplace Culture
  • 11:40 – Break
  • 12:00pKellie Goodson – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Healthcare Inequities and Acting on Change
  • 12:10p – Lisa M. Ong – CEO, Wishing Out Loud
    Accelerate DEI with Belonging
  • 12:30pMichelle Witman/Mary Liz McNamara – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Understanding Disabilities and Advancing Access
  • 12:40p – Bobby Griffin – CBRE, VP of D&I
  • 1:00pShelley Roth, M.Ed – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Perceptions of Gender Identity & Gender Inclusive Language
  • 1:10p – Mary Stutts – SVP, Corporate Relations, Sumitovant
  • 1:30pEliza VanCort – Diversity Crew Partner
    The Micro of Human Behavior and its Impact on Macro Society Issues
  • 1:40p – Anton Gunn – CEO, 937 Strategy Group
    Spotlighting The Power of Interpersonal Culture
  • 2:00pJennifer Carter – Diversity Crew, Partner
    Initiating Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • 2:10p – Herschel Herndon – VP CDO, Thrivent
  • 2:40p – Mandy Price – CEO, Kanarys
  • The Critical Component to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Work: DEI Data
  • 3:15p – ROI of DEI is Complete