ROI of DEI – Post Pandemic Renaissance


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Shell Roth, M.Ed.

Partner, Diversity Crew

Gender Inclusive Language and Bringing Your Full Self to Work

 Monica Davy

SVP & Chief Culture, Diversity, and Inclusion Officer – Vizient

Kellie Goodson

Partner, Diversity Crew

The Art and Science of Medicine

Tony Sias

President & CEO – Karamu House

Re-imagining legacy institutions during and post pandemic. Figuring out how to remain relevant AND stay true to your core principles, mission and vision

Artist Performance from Karamu House

George Floyd’s Mama

Ronald Steptoe

CEO & Co-Founder – Warrior Centric Health

“Understanding the urgent need for building resiliency into the healthcare sector as a post-pandemic mandate”

Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew

Partner, Diversity Crew

Creating Space

EJ Blanchfield

Chief Operations Officer – Point B

“Listen First Then Plan”

Kristin Durney

Partner, Diversity Crew

Resilience is the Nucleus of all Mindset Traits

 Neil Edwards

Purpose and Inclusion Leader

Artist Performance from American Foundation for the Blind

What I See I Feel

 Lisa Gutierrez

VP and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer – Indiana University Health

 Dr. Thela’ Thatch

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Manager – Paychex

“How to Really Listen”

 Dr. Jill Carroll

Partner, Diversity Crew

Addressing Religious Diversity – Post Pandemic

Dr. Dionne Poulton

Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer – Care New England Health System

Artists Performance from Karamu House

Lamban – Praise (West African Dance)

 Kris Nurse

Partner, Diversity Crew

Resilience- You’re Not Born With It, You Build it

Dr. Karl Reid

Senior Vice Provost and Chief Inclusion Officer – Northeastern University

“A systems approach to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts”

Michelle Witman

Partner, Diversity Crew

Providing a Soft Landing for Disability Disclosure

Grant Doster

American Foundation for the Blind

Artist Performance from American Foundation for the Blind

What a Wonderful World

Anton Gunn

Partner, Diversity Crew

Health Equity in the Post Pandemic World

Derrick Miles

CEO and Founder – CourMed

“Embracing diversity at the startup phase sets the tone for corporate growth”

Stacey Givens

Partner, Diversity Crew

Embrace the Gig Economy to Drive Talent Development

Tony Bridwell

SVP & Chief People Officer – Ryan

“Using hope as a strategy: Learn how you can lead your team through confusion and anxiety to psychological safety, while motivating their goals, personally, professionally and organizationally”

Artist Performance from Karamu House

Mamie Till Interview

Ernest Adams

Head of Global Talent, RL People and Development – Ralph Lauren

Dinaz Jiwani

Partner, Diversity Crew

Awareness on Ramadan

Artist Performance from Karamu House

What’s Going On?