Diversity Crew provides consultants and trainers who are either former Chief Diversity Officers or actual practitioners of equity work at corporations, nonprofits, academia, and government organizations.

We meet organizations where they are and move them forward systematically through:

  • Strategy
  • Training
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Listening sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Communications
  • Assessments
  • HR review
  • DEI roadmaps
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Remote Work Culture
  • Sponsor/Mentor

Consulting Pricing$450 per hour with a minimum project of 30 hours. We offer Women and Minority owned organizations and non-profits an hourly rate of $350 per hour with a minimum of 30 project hours

Training Pricing – Based on class size, topic, and length of training.

  • Unconscious bias
  • Empowering women
  • Covid-19 – Resilience, resourcefulness & resolve
  • Diversity, inclusion, and performance
  • Creating equity in leadership




Custom curriculum delivered virtually or in person, including:

  • Teaching the art and science of effective storytelling
  • Educating teams on the value and power of storytelling
  • Understanding the benefit of creating Empathic Bridges™ for building relationship amongst teams
  • Utilizing storytelling to understand the context for ethnic and cultural differences

Executive Coaching

  • Build an individualized approach for your executives and emerging Leaders based on organizational goals.
  • Executives get the confidential, sophisticated support they need
  • Emerging Leaders discover ways to amplify their voices and develop their skills to unlock your organization’s competitive advantage

Strategy & Execution

  • Evaluating organizational needs
  • Setting priorities and roadmaps for future success
  • Assisting with implementation

Company Culture

  • Identifying and branding core values
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Retaining great people

Compensation Planning

  • Needs analysis
  • Equal pay for equal work strategies
  • Benefit package evaluation


  • “Outside In” experience facilitation
  • Messaging audits and journey-building
  • Internal and external crisis communications
  • Media training and relationship building

Diversity in Art

  • Audit current art collections
  • Curate diverse artists

Supplier Diversity

  • Audit current supplier diversity
  • Sourcing quality suppliers

Social Good Alignment

  • Social good and nonprofit selection
  • Coordination of volunteer participation
  • Creation of recognition programs


  • Assess accessibility recruiting readiness
  • Assist organizations in recruiting and retaining talent

Gender Equality

  • Help identifying and overcoming organizational, cultural, and individual barriers for women
  • Leadership development and pipeline building
  • Speaking engagements and professional facilitation
  • Peer advisory forums for female leaders, retaining talent

Mansfield Rule

  • Assess current Mansfield Rule activities. 
  • Incorporate Mansfield Rule requirements into existing DEI program. 
  • Periodically monitor Mansfield Rule compliance and best practices

Listening Sessions

Initiate a safe space for all individuals to share their experiences and feelings.


  • Board members
  • Executive team
  • Middle management
  • Entry-level