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Betsy Furler is the founder of For All Abilities. She is passionate about optimizing the strengths of all people and ensuring that all people are valued for their strengths and their differences. At For All Abilities, Betsy leads the development of a solution that enables employers to easily and inexpensively support the unique strengths, needs and preferences of their employees. Betsy enjoys speaking about the value of our differences, workplace accommodations, technology and accessibility. She has spoken at national and international conferences including SXSW and TEDX. She earned a BA from Austin College and a MS in Communication Disorders from UT-Dallas. She is also a certified speech pathologist

Certifications & Education

  • B.A., Austin College
  • M.S, Communication Disorders, University of Texas @ Dallas
  • Certified Speech Pathologist

Focus Areas

  • Disability
  • Workplace Accommodations
  • Website and Digital Accessibility (WC3)
  • Struggling with Disclosure

Most Requested Presentations

  • Use of Your Superpower (Neurodiversity)
  • Accessibility Language
  • Leveling the Playing Field with Accessible Technology

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