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Bidisha Rudra is the Senior Managing Director for Essilor Transitions and has been with Essilor for 15 years. She has enjoyed a variety of roles including Market Research and Analytics, Managed Care Sales, Business Development, and Corporate Strategy, with the latter two stints out of the Asia Pacific headquarter in Singapore. She also serves as the President of Essilor Womens’ Network since the beginning of 2018. She firmly believes that achieving gender diversity and inclusion in the workplace is not something that can be done by just a handful of employees—it is a collective effort. Bidisha earned a Ph.D in Applied Economics from University of Georgia, Athens. She was born and brought up in New Delhi, the capital city of India, and through her journey in life in different cities, she made a permanent stop (hopefully!) in Big D, Texas. When she is not busy working on achieving sales targets, Bidisha spends her time running around after her eleven year old twin young boys, Niseem and Nirvan, which is no less challenging!  

Certifications & Education

  •  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Agricultural and Applied Economics,
  • Master of Arts in Economics (M.A.)                              
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (B.A.)

Focus Areas

  •   Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
  • Storytelling driven by data
  • Industry focus: Healthcare
  • Foster Workplace belonging

Most Requested Presentations

  • Break the unconscious bias
  • Raising awareness against racial hate
  • Personal Branding
  • Communication, Leadership, Confidence

Awards & Recognition

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