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Dana Middleton is a social epidemiologist and integrative impact strategist whose work draws on a hybrid of health, design, communications, anthropological, and racial justice logics.

Dana strongly advocates for private-sector involvement in shaping better health outcomes and quality of life for all people. She helps business leaders understand their role in influencing population health and how cultivating community well-being can improve organizational health, market position, growth, and sustainability.

As a practitioner, Dana partners with change leaders across multiple industries to identify key change readiness indicators, recalibrate strategic priorities, and strengthen organizational capacity to advance health equity and social change.

Dana leads a variety of multi-stakeholder projects rooted in equity advancement. Her experience includes supporting public health and healthcare quality accreditation preparation, providing cross-cutting, interprofessional trainings to promote systems thinking, and leveraging equity-centered design to encourage strengths-based solutioning while facilitating adaptability and innovation. Most often, Dana is called to advise and co-create transformational strategies to embed DEI & B practices throughout enterprises – resulting in increased recruitment, retention, and engagement, and improved stakeholder experience across diverse segments.

Through aligning corporate, consumer and community priorities, integrating sustainability goals, and activating the organization’s enhanced brand purpose, Dana supports the design and implementation of holistic impact strategies that foster more inclusive, actionable, and adaptative cultures within the workplace and beyond.

Certifications & Education

  • Diversity Crew Institute – DEI Certification
  • Certificate in Diversity Management, American Hospital Association’s Institute for Diversity and Health Equity.
  • AHA’s Health Equity Influencers
  • BEAM Credential in Administration and Management for Public Health from the University of Miami
  • Certificate in Social Justice Leadership from the Bush School of Government and Leadership, Texas A&M University
  • CDC Total Worker Health Program, Facilitator Training
  • BS, Public Health Education
  • MLA, Social Sciences and Education / Instructional Design
  • DrPH, (Doctor of Public Health) 2023

Focus Areas

  • Health Equity Advancement
  • Patient/Provider Concordance
  • Workforce Diversification
  • Inclusive Leadership
  • Instructional Design

Most Requested Presentations

  • Sociopolitical Determinants of Health (SDOH)
  • Racialized Health Disparities
  • Organizational Accountabilities
  • Health Literacy
  • Cultural Humility

Awards & Recognition

  • AHA IFDHE Fellow, 2022 Cohort (American Hospital Association, Institute for Diversity and Health Equity)
  • Credentialed in Health Care Marketing
  • Certified Brand Strategist
  • Certified in Professional Marketing Management
  • Social Marketing Association of North America (SMANA), Board of Directors
  • SMANA, DEI Committee, Coordinator
  • Black Achievers Society of Greater Kansas City, 2022 Award Recipient

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