Eve Mayer



Eve is the CEO of Diversity Crew and she radiates a passion for helping companies effectively leverage their desire to create more human equity. Her ability to craft internal and external communication plans that empower positive change in company culture is unmatched. Eve can translate the desire of an organization to treat humans better and turn that want into a simplified, attainable strategy. Eve received her DEI Certification from Diversity Crew Institute.

Eve is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Strategist on the topics of diversity, inclusion, allyship, marketing, company culture, and wellness. Eve has written for and/or been featured by Good Morning America, Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc. magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Vistage, Microsoft and Thrive Global. Eve has spoken for NATO three times, done a TEDx talk on the Fearless Alter Ego, and was invited to visit The White House for SXSL in 2016. Eve was recognized by Forbes as the 5th Most Influential Woman in Social Media, and CNN called her one of the 8 Women to Follow on Twitter.

Certifications & Education

Focus Areas

  • Company Culture
  • Women Empowerment
  • Allyship

Most Requested Presentations

  • ikigai – Finding Life’s Purpose
  • The Fearless Alter Ego
  • Remote and In-Office Company Culture

Awards & Recognition

  • New York Times Best Selling Author
  • Two times Dallas Business Journal Best Places to Work
  • Women-Owned Business Council Lillie Knox Award
  • WBCS Parade of Stars Award for Women-Owned Business