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Kelly Ann Winget is the Founder of the Dallas-based private equity company, Alternative Wealth Partners (AWP). Kelly Ann has over a decade of experience in the alternative investment space sourcing creative capital for startups, oil and gas companies, manufacturing ventures, real estate, and several other emerging markets on behalf of high net worth/income individuals. Over her career, she has successfully raised almost $1 billion in private capital for private placement opportunities, averaging more than 14% in returns. After a decade of building others’ records, she formed AWP in 2020 to offer clients the best of what the private market can offer.

Over the decade prior to founding AWP, Kelly Ann aggressively connected creative capital to
unique investment opportunities in the private equity space. Now, she leverages her reputation in the industry to get exclusive access to private investments before they are public knowledge. In addition, with her unmatched access to exclusive alternative investments, Kelly Ann offers investors the opportunity to diversify across the board with a single investment through the $50MM private equity fund, AWP Diversity Fund I, which is for accredited investors who are looking for a diversified portfolio of alternative, tax-advantaged and high-yielding investments. The fund allows investors to own their own share of more than a dozen individual assets across more than five industries; its main focus is cash-flowing tangible assets and proven concept private equity opportunities for growth. While AWP is Kelly Ann’s inaugural fund, it is well on its way to generating double digit returns.

Kelly Ann gives back to the community in areas which have been lifelong interests. As a teen,
she competed in the National Forensics League; now she donates her time to the organization, judging local and national tournaments and helping students prepare for competition. In addition, she spearheads fundraisers for children’s causes, particularly health, including Wipe Out Kids’

Since her very first sales job at age 14, she has worked in male dominated industries, and is excited to be able to help what she sees as an underserved group of investors: women. She enjoys making alternative investing simple and less intimidating, as well as helping investors balance their portfolios.

In her spare time, Kelly Ann enjoys travel, her family, and her two big cuddly dogs. A foodie, she is always on the search for a new creative restaurant.

Her best advice to new entrepreneurs? “Fail fast. You will save yourself a lot of time, money,
and energy moving on to the next solution. If something is not working, move on to something
else. Do not let pride get in the way of your success.”

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  • Inclusion in the Financial World 
  • Investor Relations
  • Speaking frankly and respectfully about Finance Projects to people and communities that may be financially uninformed

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  • Making complicated financial strategies digestible
  • Being OK financially with where you sit and steps to change financial lifestyle
  • Young, female and gay in finance and oil and gas; how do you bring a chair to the table in a space where you’re typically not welcome

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