Kymberlaine Banks



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Kymberlaine is a dynamic, passionate leader, known for engaging employees and teams for the greater good in the workplace and the community. She long ago embraced her calling as an activist working to eliminate barriers to inclusion and belonging.

She leverages decades of executive experience to help organizations develop and foster cultures where equity, respect, and fairness are cornerstones. She helps improve business outcomes by artfully coaching brave leaders to take a hard look at the dynamics of diversity within their company, and chart new, inclusive paths to greater success.

Kymberlaine is recognized as a builder of bridges between good corporate citizens, social businesses, and the nonprofit organizations they work with to make the world better. In addition to her work with Diversity Crew, Kymberlaine guides Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy for companies of all sizes at Communities Foundation of Texas. Her specialty is forming meaningful connections within organizations, while strengthening their ties to the community.

Beyond work, Kymberlaine enjoys music and theater, activism within the Presbyterian Church USA, where she is a ruling elder, serving on nonprofit boards and committees focused on the arts and humanities and volunteering with organizations focused on social justice, education, poverty, and homelessness.

Certifications & Education

Focus Areas

  • Non-Profit
  • Public and industry relations, marketing, business development
  • Grant proposals and donor campaigns

Most Requested Presentations

  • Implementing community-oriented strategies for businesses
  • Digital Branding and Engagement

Awards & Recognition

  • Chair, Garland (TX) Community Multicultural Commission
  • Keynote Speaker Social Media Breakfast Dallas (2017)
  • International Association of Reservation Executives (2017, 2016, 2014, 2012);
  • Lithium Social Web and Communities (2016)