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Lisa’s interest in social justice began in college when she founded an Acquaintance Rape Education Program that was incorporated into orientation for all first-year students at Wake Forest University.  This led her to working as a crisis therapist for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and to spearheading movements in NC to change laws on marital rape and stalking.  Early in her career, Lisa was also appointed to the Human Relations Commission in Forsyth County, NC, with the goal of advocating for LGBTQ+ citizens.

After getting her LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), she became the Clinical Director for a sexual abuse evaluation program at WFU School of Medicine in Child Psychiatry.   She specialized in working with families from historically marginalized populations that were dealing with family violence and mental illness. After another decade as a clinician and trainer, she switched gears and went into nonprofit management, specializing in program evaluation and development, grant writing and clinical supervision.  

To round out her experience, she has spent 25 years providing training for therapists, nonprofit leaders, and graduate students at UNC-CH and NCSU. Her training specialties include communication and conflict, stress management (in 10 minutes or less), creating trauma-informed workplaces, motivation, and child development, program evaluation, grant-writing, and clinical practice.  

She loves to help organizations and people become more focused and effective by improving their systems and motivating their staff.

When Lisa isn’t working, you can find her teaching bellydance, spinning fire, photographing weddings, hiking or knitting.



Certifications & Education

  • BA in Psychology from Wake Forest University in NC 1888
  • MSW from UNC-Chapel Hill in NC 1996
  • LCSW in 1998

Focus Areas

  • Trauma, communication
  • Creating welcoming environments (using research from Implicit Bias)
  • Stress management
  • Motivation and habit formation
  • Parenting

Most Requested Presentations

  • Trauma-informed workplace
  • Creating a Welcoming Environment
  • Stress Management in 10 min or less

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