Mary Liz McNamara



After years of work in business, government and educational settings, Mary Liz has a strong track record of supporting high achievement for people with disabilities.

Mary Liz believes there is great untapped potential, for employees with disabilities, managers, colleagues and customers, when businesses begin to view disability as an asset.

Focusing on the needs and strength of people with invisible disabilities in employment, she is both practical and passionate about disability education and empowerment, believing them to be essential parts of an inclusive and equitable work culture.

Certifications & Education

Focus Areas

  • Industry Focus – Education (K-12)
  • Mental Health
  • Learning Disabilities and ADHD

Most Requested Presentations

  • Presentation of Disability in Media
  • Accommodating disabilities in the workplace
  • Providing full accessibility in a consumer environment (Providing an accessible consumer experience)
  • Supporting and retaining employees with invisible disability

Awards & Recognition

  • NYU Student Affairs Award