Nick Lieberman




Nick Lieberman

Director of Operations

Pronouns: He/Him/His

As Diversity Crew’s Business Manager, Nick oversees systems that enable the Partner’s to streamline each client’s DEI journey.

He is an award winning travel industry Corporate Travel Manager. specializing in managing corporate travel for large international organizations. Ultimately, Nick works with companies, hotels, airlines and their budgets to create individual travel policies and programs that make sense and are easily trainable.

Over his 20 years of experience, Nick has worked directly with industry airline and hotel leaders. He’s worked hands-on with chains’ corporate leaders submitting RFP, negotiating contracts, discussing potential impediments, training the corporate staff, and growing the contract internationally for each location served.

He has won Employee of the Year and the David Oreck President’s award at Oreck, where he created a recognition, training and improvement program that saved the company over $500,000. He most recently worked with Freeport McMoRan where he managed a $28m travel account with staff in locations around the globe.

When not working, Nick enjoys his daughter, Lydia, looking for new travel trends, and making his way across the world.