Seth Butler

Poet Laureate


Seth is a spoken word artist who spearheads conversations and initiatives around diversity, equity, inclusion, and faith. 

He facilitates discussions with the goal of helping others grow in their understanding of race relations in our society and he also uses poetry in his various platforms to spark conversations about the intersection of faith and racial justice.

Certifications & Education

Focus Areas

  • Conversations about race relations
  • Law Enforcement Interaction
  • Microaggressions
  • Colorism
  • Race throughout History; historical context and today.

Most Requested Presentations

  • Diversity 101
  • White Privilege
  •  Belonging “What is it, and why does everyone deserve sense of belonging?”

Awards & Recognition

  • NASPA Regional Conference (Rising Star Award Recipient) 2013
  • Male Student Athlete Leadership Award Recipient for Colorado State Athletics 2013
  • Featured Speaker: We The People: Challenges and opportunities of living in America today, 2021

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