Janice Mayo



Janice’s diversity journey started four decades ago, when she was a reporter and feature editor for the leading African American newspaper in Minnesota. Working under the leadership and mentorship of a black, female entrepreneur and working mother, Janice was not only inspired to bring the voices of communities that are traditionally under-represented by mainstream news outlets to the front page, she also experienced the transformational power of women who lead.  As her career progressed from marketing and communications to operations and sales leadership, and COO positions with billion-dollar companies and start-ups, Janice found herself to be the only woman in the C-suite, and became a fierce advocate for intentional inclusion.

Prior to founding The Carbon Agency in 2013, with a partner, Janice was CMO/Head of National Sales for Vertis, Inc., President of FBC Direct West, and held COO positions with OnRequest Images and Advanta, Inc. Continuously bridging between corporate and team leadership and marketing communications, Janice has a unique understanding of the expectations, frustrations, challenges, hidden agendas and successes of workplace diversity. Through the years, she has honed an “outside-in” approach to bring light to insights, opinions and emotions and drive focus on actionable paths forward.

Janice has guided many companies through times of crisis – internal and external – through thoughtful, well-developed communications plans and speaking truth to power. But for Janice, the best crisis plan is avoiding the crisis all together through advocacy, allyship and intentional inclusion.

Janice received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism, Sociology and Urban Studies from Macalester College, and has received numerous awards for investigative journalism and corporate communications. A native of St. Paul, Minnesota, Janice has lived and worked in every region of the U.S., and currently resides in the DFW metroplex.  Janice is married, has one child, and enjoys movies, reading, writing and spending time with her grandchildren.

Certifications & Education

  • B.A Journalism, Psychology, Macalester University

Focus Areas

  • Internal and External DEI Communications

Most Requested Presentations

  • Communications That Create Equity

Awards & Recognition

  • Award for investigative journalism
  • Award for corporate communications

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