Nia Nunn, Ph.D.



Dr. Nia Nunn is a champion and protector for the Southside Community Center (started in 1934), which works to affirm, empower, and foster the development of self-pride among the African American citizens of the greater Ithaca area in upstate NY. She is also the director of programs designed to empower and uplift the voices of young Black women and girls, a mother to 3 boys, and an artist, yogi, and embodier of radiance, empowerment, and permission. 

Her work is rooted in the African-American oral tradition––story-sharing, poetics, self-expression, and soulfulness––to create spaces that allow participants to get in touch with their own stories, heal from childhood traumas, and experience firsthand the power of collectivism. Her spaces are inclusive, expansive, and contain the right kind of alchemy of intensity and grace that challenges and invites people to become even more anti-racist, even more pro-Black, even more rooted in empathy and compassion, even freer in self-expression, and even more connected to others, especially across difference. 

Certifications & Education

  • Associate Professor of Education and Psychology at Ithaca College

Focus Areas

  • Black Consciousness
  • Youth in Anti-Racist work and practices
  • Black Girl Empowerment
  • Communal Well Being of company and collective

Most Requested Presentations

  • Black Consciousness Curriculum
  • Communal Well Being/Radical Vulnerability
  • Black Girl Alchemy

Awards & Recognition

  • Board of Directors President of Southside Community Center

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