ROI of DEI – Return on Inclusion

2021 is the year that many organizations will invest heavily in diversity, equity, and inclusion. And leaders are asking bold questions about what the return on investment will be.

The content will provide you with insights you can implement immediately to affect real improvements in equity in the areas of race, ethnicity, gender, lgbtq+, religion, age, disability, and accessibility.

We will discuss a wide variety of issues including but not limited to:

  • How and why to talk about race at work
  • Psychological safety in the workplace
  • Building culture in a remote workplace
  • How and why to add pronouns to your email signature
  • Expanding recruiting efforts to increase equity
  • Why listening is the most important leadership skill

You’ll hear directly from CEO’s, Chief Diversity Officers, and DEI strategists who will each share one thing your organization could do to treat people better in 2021.

Executive Speakers

Table of Contents

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Jared Fitzpatrick

SVP, DEI, Dallas Regional Chamber

Driving ROI Through Board Diversity

Dr. Froswa’ Booker-Drew

Partner, Diversity Crew

Benefits of Building Internal and Collective Social Capital

Chevalier Cleaves

CDO, MIT Lincoln Lab

Creating Organizational Success with Diversity and Inclusion…what has worked for me

Jesse Crawford

Partner, Diversity Crew

Are Your Suppliers Diverse Enough?

Matamba Austin

Deals & Transformation Partner, PwC

Dr. Jill Carroll

Partner, Diversity Crew

Religious Diversity in the Workplace

Sheri Crosby Wheeler

VP, Diversity & Inclusion, Fossil

The Importance of Getting Everyone on the Diversity Train

Michelle Courtney Berry

Partner, Diversity Crew

Mindfulness Coaching in the DEI Space

Sumita Shetty

Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Goodyear

A Mindset Shift to Reflective Leadership

Kristin Durney

Partner, Diversity Crew

Creating Best in Class Mental Health Workplace Culture

Kellie Goodson

Partner, Diversity Crew

Healthcare Inequities and Acting on Change

Lisa M. Ong

CEO, Wishing Out Loud

Accelerate DEI with Belonging

Mary Liz McNamara

Partner, Diversity Crew

Understanding Disabilities and Advancing Access

Michelle Witman

Partner, Diversity Crew

Understanding Disabilities and Advancing Access

Bobby Griffin


Shell Roth

Partner, Diversity Crew

Perceptions of Gender Identity and Gender Inclusive Language

Anton Gunn

CEO, 937 Strategy Group

Spotlighting the Power of Interpersonal Culture

Eliza VanCort

Speaker, Diversity Crew

The Micro of Human Behavior and its Impact on Macro Society Issues

Herschel Herndon

VP CDO, Thrivent

Jennifer Carter

Speaker, Diversity Crew

Initiating Gender Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mandy Price

CEO, Kanarys

The Critical Component to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Work: DEI Data