What We Do

Diversity Crew Institute offers accessible, affordable, and actionable courses and certifications in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that go beyond just race and gender. This is about learning how to be better to each other in order to build stronger teams to improve bottom-line results.

It’s time for the death of assumptions and the emergence of curiosity that builds genuine human connections!

Diversity Crew’s team includes consultants with a broad range of experiences in DEI. Our consultants are active practitioners of equity work in corporations, non-profits, academia, and government agencies. Our team includes former Chief Diversity Officers, former Chief People’s Officers, HR and legal experts, data scientists, and more. We are able to support organizations at varying steps in their DEI journey by providing the following services:

  • DEI Strategy/DEI Dashboard:
    • DEI Assessment:
      • Leadership Assessment
      • Employee Engagement
      • Pay Equity
      • Mental Health and Wellness
  • DEI Program Development:
    • Recruiting, developing, and retaining diverse talent
    • Creating an environment of psychological safety
    • ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and BRGs (Business Resource Groups)
    • Supplier Diversity
    • Community Involvement/Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Team Coaching
    • Understanding Diverse Working Styles & Preferences
  • Executive/Emerging Leader Coaching
    • LGBTQIA+, Religious Diversity, Racial Equity
    • Building inclusive culture in remote and hybrid environments
    • Global DEI Competencies
    • Becoming an Inclusive Leader

If you do not see a service you are interested in on the list, please contact us. We have extensive capabilities to design consulting work that is custom-tailored to your objectives.

Consulting Pricing – $450 hourly. Women/Minority Owned & Non-Profit rate is $350 hourly. 30 hour minimum project. Need info? Email LetsGo@DiversityCrew.com

Our professional speakers and trainers cover a wide variety of topics in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through experiential learning in-person or virtually.

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Speaker/Trainer Pricing – $5,000 for virtual, $10,000 for in-person plus travel & expenses. $2,000 discount to Women, Minority-Owned Organizations and Nonprofits. To book a speaker or trainer, email: LetsGo@DiversityCrew.com.

Diversity Crew is a consortium made up of equal partners focusing on diversity and inclusion. Our role at Diversity Crew is to create equity for an incredible tapestry of humans.

We create strategy and oversee actions that lead to more satisfied team members and stakeholders who believe in your vision.

Our pricing is clear and our work is accessible to organizations of all sizes.


We recognize diversity as all individual characteristics that define us, going beyond demographic descriptors. Diversity is the intersection of our individual backgrounds and experiences, and the unique perspectives that we each have as a result. Almost all forms of identity that distinguish us from one another contribute to cognitive diversity. Embracing cognitive diversity – differences in thought patterns, information processing, and problem-solving – primes organizations for more innovative thinking, and, therefore, growth.


Equity is distinguished from equality: Equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. Equity means adequately solving for another person’s inequity in life and work. The process is ongoing, requiring us to identify and overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias or systemic structures.


While diversity describes an individual, inclusion is about the collective. Inclusion is creating a culture that recognizes, values, and embraces differences, and incorporates varying perspectives into the environment. Inclusion is required for another person to be their authentic selves. It is an active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity.

Psychological Safety

Inclusion is closely related to psychological safety. To establish psychological safety is to create an environment that allows others to be fully diverse. Psychological safety is an intentional act to create a sense of belonging regardless of another’s diversity.

The Diversity Journey Spectrum

Every company and individual is on a journey with diversity, equity and inclusion. No one is at a 0 and no one is at a 10 but the Diversity Journey Spectrum enables us to identify where we feel we are on that journey so we can identify ways to move forward.

Proudly Serving

We are proud to be a Partner of Distinction with Asset Based Consulting.

If you require specific accommodations, please reach out to us at Support@DiversityCrew.com and we will be happy to assist.

At Diversity Crew Institute we are continually building our capacity around disability equity and access. In our efforts to make our courses available to as many audiences as possible, we have woven Universal Design Principles into our work. Examples include: visual and audio descriptions, video captioning, presentation pacing, multiple means of delivery, content provided in alternative formats, etc.