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Belonging and Inclusion Start with Psychological Safety and Empathetic Thinking

Studies are showing that empathy in the workplace is DECLINING! This should be a hard stop for companies considering 90% of employees are more likely to stay with an organization that empathizes with their needs. Ninety Percent!

Providing Empathetic Thinking Skills training and building a Psychologically Safe workplace will help to create an environment of inclusion and belonging.

When these two components are in place, then Inclusion and Belonging is driven from the ground up; it becomes organic and your talents STAYS. 

Take a look at a few other stats that should make leadership executives stop and question where their efforts need to be focused if they want to keep top talent.

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Source: Businessolver Workplace Empathy Report

About the Author:

Kris Nurse transforms and sustains mentally healthy workplace environments that are unique to the organization’s needs and powered by all employees. Her passion is building healthy, happy, dynamic, and diverse cultures that are organic and create Best in Class organizations. Check out her course Connecting DEI, Mental Wellness and Empathy, and her and Kristin Durney’s course, Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

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